Episode 60: Cybersecurity, WannaCry, and Yellowcard

This week we are joined by cybersecurity expert Jeff Fossett and an occasionally barking dog to discuss cybersecurity–what does the WannaCry ransomware attack mean and what does Jeff do to protect himself online? While he’s here, he offers a spirited defense of his favorite band, Yellowcard.

Other topics discussed in this episode:

  • What are the best hacking/cybersecurity movies?
  • What is the #moonroofselfiemovement?
  • Brompers
  • Hipster glasses
  • Santo movies
  • Dentists
  • Millennials
  • Adventures in technical support
  • The rules of Instagram
  • How to psych yourself up for conference calls

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Five Minute Cannon: Country Blues

or, The Attack of the Farm Boy.

Just in time for Quinn Martin’s 95th birthday, we present an extended version of Five Minute Cannon. Famous country singer Woody Long is dead. Was foul play involved?

With Clu Gulager as BJ Long, Joan Van Ark as Diane, and Mark Hamill in a rare pre-Star Wars role as “Farm Boy.”

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Episode 59: Big hats and fidget spinners

In this week’s episode, Joel hits a milestone by finally finding a hat the fits him, and we review our plans for future “Five Minute Cannon” episode.

Additional topics in this episode:

  • What we’re listening to: Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors Souvenier and Serius XM Rome channel
  • What we’re watching: return of MST3k, “Batman and Bill, and Perry Mason”
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Rome’s latest pranks for Larry
  • We observe a very special five year anniversary

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5 Minute Cannon: The Seventh Grave

If You’re Like Me proudly presents a new feature: Five Minute Cannon. You have a busy life, all you can find is five minutes. Well, why not fill that five minutes with a recap of a thrilling episode of Cannon?

In this episode, Barry Nelson, Lou Frizzell, and unmentioned guest star Shelley Duval. It’s a portly powered pummelling of the perpetrator.

Episode 58: All shows lead to Matlock

If you’ve listened to If You’re Like Me for long, you know Rome’s distaste for Andy Griffith, and how Joel enjoys finding Griffithian connections to things that Rome loves. In this episode, we discuss the distinguished career of Dean Hargrove, who is responsible for some of Rome’s favorite television, as well as Ben Matlock, which places Ben Matlock firmly within the William Conrad/Perry Mason/Columbo universe.

We also talk about celebrity deaths during the month of March, Cannon’s fatal flaw, creepy stalking music, and gameshows.

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