Award-Winning Rome and Flame Weeding

Welcome to another episode of If You’re Like Me. On this thrill packed episode, Rome announces his new award for general awesomeness (or at least many years of participation). Also, Joel has discovered a great way to make lawncare more fun: using fire.

Other topics in this week’s episode:

  • When they make a movie about Covid pandemic
  • Missed business opportunities and technologies that they should bring back
  • Mannix marathon
  • Fun with webcams on work meetings
  • Salute to Mr. Coffee and interesting facts about what drip coffee makers have to do with geysers
  • Jungle Jim’s International Market in Cincinnati OH, and their amazing restrooms
  • Santo

Stay safe during your social distancing, and thank you for listening.

Inner Monologue says we are turning into Rome

In these days of quarantine, we are all turning into Rome–listening to old music and staying home.

“An internal monologue, also called self-talk, inner speech, inner discourse or internal discourse, is a person’s inner voice which provides a running verbal monologue of thoughts while they are conscious.” Do you have an internal monologue? Rome Maynard does, and the voice in his head makes sarcastic comments that he sometimes cannot repeat. Joel doesn’t think he has an internal monologue, at least not every day.

We also discuss typewriter, assembling furniture from boxes, and dressing for success when working from home.

Rome talks about a silent German film called Die Große Wette. Does it still exist?


Social distancing and the Andromeda Strain (1971)

We are social distancing at If You’re Like Me, but that’s ok, we’ve been socially distancing and not watching sports for years.

On today’s episode we talk about how life has changed under covid-19, working from home, Rome’s new puppy, and the death of Kenny Rogers.

We also watch the 1971 classic The Andromeda Strain, directed by Robert Wise. You can watch it with us–just pause the podcast and restart it after the movie is done.

We hope everybody stays safe in these unusual times. Thanks for listening.



Ahoy, it’s Smallcreep’s Day

Today Rome is excited because it is Smallcreep’s Day, a holiday that, as far as our researchers could determine, is only celebrated at Rome’s house. Listen to find out more about what Smallcreep’s Day is, and why you should join the celebration.

Other topics:

  • Goodbye hello, hello ahoy
  • Leap year
  • Why every four years is not leap year
  • Ken’s dealer
  • Text etiquette
  • Phil Collins update
  • Kirk Douglas
  • The War Wagon


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S02E01: I am Lindstorm!

It’s 2020 and season 2 of If You’re Like Me! as we get ready to start our sixth year of podcasting, we catch up on what has been happening since last season:

  • Joel’s new name
  • Rome goes to the ballet
  • Ken Jennings wins the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament
  • New coffee making system
  • Short haircuts
  • Mute yourself during conference calls

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Disney+ and whimsy with Shawn and Jim

Filling in for Rome Maynard this week are Shawn Tabor and Jim Lomas, and this week we are all about Disney+. If you aren’t watching The Mandalorian, you should be, and we talk about some of the other great discoveries we have made in the content on Disney+.

Other topics discussed in this episode:

  • Suspension of disbelief when watching biopics
  • Whimsy, and why Joel is lacking it
  • Christmas movies, and Shawn’s rules for when you can view them
  • Is Iron Man 3 a Christmas movie?
  • What is on our Spotify top songs of 2019 playlists

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