About Us:
We’re experts on the eclectic and the eccentric.  In our lives we have inspired many with our exploits and our opinions.
In answer to tens of requests on how people can be more like us, we have put together this podcast to help you and others on their quest for expertise excellence.  To achieve that goal is to be more like us.
On a personal note, we are here to synergize our efficiency of scale in the arena of expertise, build social capital and not embarrass our wives in the process.
About Joel:
Joel is an expert HeeHawologist, Johnny Cash expert, educational safety film aficionado,  and the winner of the 2006 Moe’s Southwestern Café Burrito Eating Contest.
About Rome:
My name is Rome and I hope you are like me because I sure am.
I was raised in Ohucky which is a murky area where the borders of Ohio and Kentucky are not clearly defined and the people are not easily understood.  If you ever hear someone tell you that somebody got lexicuted, you are probably in Ohucky.  Don’t worry, you won’t hear banjos.  You may be thinking, you don’t sound Ohuckian.  You are right, my years of self speech therapy has helped.
I am the show’s resident:
Progressivrockologist: specializing  in Genesis, the Gabriel and early Collins era, Michael Rutherford, okay, basically all the members of Genesis with the exclusion of Ray Wilson, because he is non-canonical in my opinion.
Phil Collinsologist: Specializing in the musical history and talent of Phil Collins
70s Copshowologist: specializing in Cannon, Columbo, Kojak, and all those singular name sleuth shows.
Czech New Wave Filmologist:  I just love the films Who Wants To Kill Jessie? and Lemonade Joe.
Comic Bookologist: preferring the pre-crisis DC era.I coll
German Expressionologist: That classic era of the 1920s when Germany had the greatest silent films.
Horror Hostologist: With a focus on Fritz the Nite Owl out of Columbus Ohio.  He is my favorite horror host, and I work for him.
Classic Dr. Who enthusiast:  I am not a fan of the young teen heart throb Doctors, known as 9 and 10, or is it 11 and 12?  I do consider Peter Cushing canonical.
I am in my mid-40s and have the majority of my hair.  I am caucasian, akin to pasty white, and my sign is “Do Not Disturb”
I like football, basketball, hockey, and most other sports when they are played far away from me and not on the TV.
I collect action figures, comic books, anything related to the film Metropolis, old vinyl records, and dust.
Why do you want to be like me, well, because I’m complicated, just like your life.

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