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Episode 15: Stan Lee Is Right For The Benefit of The Children Of The World

This week we are remote while Joel is in Decatur Georgia for his wife’s hospital stay. But the pod’s gonna cast no matter what. In this week’s episode we get a thrilling travelogue of Belton, SC, explain what grits are for the uninitiated, visit the $1 record boxes at Wuxtry Records, debate line theory, remember Patrick Macnee, star of Naked Space/The Creature Wasn’t Nice. And Rome has a life changing experience when he agrees with Stan Lee.

Bonus: Non practicing radiological technologist Rome Maynard explains what to do when you blow your fingers off with fireworks on the fourth of July.

Because knowledge is our candy.

Episode 13: RIP Christopher Lee


In this episode we discuss whether drivers in the south are worse than drivers in other parts of the USA, debate bumper stickers, and pay tribute to the great Christopher Lee. Internationally renowned safety expert Scott Barr returns with a safety tip that may save your life, and we finally get Rome’s review of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Plus, find out what Rome really thinks about the new Jim Gordon Batman.

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Episode 11: That’s a lot of bagpipe


In our extra special Memorial Day episode we talk about Mexican horror films, give our real-time reaction to the Ant Man trailer, provide a spoiler-free review of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Joel opens his 25 year old sealed country music trading card pack, and we discuss bagpipe music. You might require a concealed carry permit to use this week’s ringtone.

Episode 10: A Feathery Flock of Flamungers

IMG_3818In this week’s episodes we hear Rome’s strategies for providing superhero movie advice, discuss digital vs. physical, things you will never hear us say, and practical jokes/pranks.

Plus, Scott Barr is back with a new safety tip, you will learn what a flamunger is, and you will get the best ringtone ever.

Episode 8: 安全休むことはありません

This week’s very special episode was produced in Japan. In it we discuss the Disnification of everything good, find out what Rome would bring with him to a deserted island, hear a confession from Joel, rant about biopics. You may not be able to believe everything you hear on the internet, but you can believe what you hear on If You’re Like Me.

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Episode 7: Ghost Riders In The Sky Without You

In this episode we discuss our world travels, address the controversy surrounding Rome’s Dr. Who recommendations, and we introduce a new segment called “Any Questions.” Is Ben Affleck the best Batman ever? Listen to find out. If you have any questions you would like us to address on a future episode, leave us a comment or email or

Episode 4: Therapy In Dynamite

In this episode, the burden of expertise and not correcting people, we visit The Book Nook, discuss Downtown Abbey, The Green Lantern Hornet, educational records, The Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Body Workout, why vinyl LP’s are great (and why they are not), how to relax, and Johnny Cash’s “Water From The Wells of Home.”

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Episode 3: Sheldon Cooper is not me

In this episode we provide expert quotes for aspiring reporters, provide a lesson in comic book shopping etiquette and strategies for visits to Richard’s Comics and Collectables in #yeahthatgreenville, Johnny Cash executes Andy Griffith while singing with the BC Goodpasture Christian School, and Rome tells us what he really thinks about The Big Bang Theory.

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