Episode 84: Halloween 2018

It’s the If You’re Like Me Halloween special. In this episode we give you helpful advice about how to not become a vampire and also discuss the following spooky topics:

  • Rome’s birthday
  • Hermit crabs
  • Circus peanuts
  • Negative synergy
  • Halloween costumes
  • The death of Dracula controversy
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Travel
  • Gift cards
  • Game shows
  • Trivia contest weak spots

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Baltimore and candy corn

Welcome to our Halloween episode! Dust off the circus peanuts and corn shaped wax “candy” and enjoy the latest episode of “If You’re Like Me.”

Topics discussed on this episode:

  • Rome’s trip to Baltimore
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • Celebrity deaths
  • Halloween and the dusting of the circus peanuts
  • Smarties
  • Candy Corn
  • Motivating yourself to finish long books
  • Book updates
  • Business opportunities
  • The ten commandments of chocolate chips
  • Year round shorts in the winter
  • Biggest ball of twine
  • City of Lindstrom
  • Pickled food
  • Joel’s cousin Matt Lauer
  • Parades

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Episode #53: If You’re Like Me Holiday Special

Whether you are listening to this episode on Christmas Day (observed), Boxing Day (In Canada), or Proclamation Day, we wish you a very happy holiday, and on this episode, we present the traditional holiday greeting for your holiday.

We also discuss highlights in books and movies from this year (or which were new to us this year), and somehow get to a discussion of what happens if Superman sneezes.

So stoke up the yule log (just not too much, unless you are celebrating Russian Emergency Rescuer Day), grab a steaming cup of cider, and have a great holiday, whatever that holiday may be.


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