Ahoy, it’s Smallcreep’s Day

Today Rome is excited because it is Smallcreep’s Day, a holiday that, as far as our researchers could determine, is only celebrated at Rome’s house. Listen to find out more about what Smallcreep’s Day is, and why you should join the celebration.

Other topics:

  • Goodbye hello, hello ahoy
  • Leap year
  • Why every four years is not leap year
  • Ken’s dealer
  • Text etiquette
  • Phil Collins update
  • Kirk Douglas
  • The War Wagon


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S02E01: I am Lindstorm!

It’s 2020 and season 2 of If You’re Like Me! as we get ready to start our sixth year of podcasting, we catch up on what has been happening since last season:

  • Joel’s new name
  • Rome goes to the ballet
  • Ken Jennings wins the Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time tournament
  • New coffee making system
  • Short haircuts
  • Mute yourself during conference calls

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Disney+ and whimsy with Shawn and Jim

Filling in for Rome Maynard this week are Shawn Tabor and Jim Lomas, and this week we are all about Disney+. If you aren’t watching The Mandalorian, you should be, and we talk about some of the other great discoveries we have made in the content on Disney+.

Other topics discussed in this episode:

  • Suspension of disbelief when watching biopics
  • Whimsy, and why Joel is lacking it
  • Christmas movies, and Shawn’s rules for when you can view them
  • Is Iron Man 3 a Christmas movie?
  • What is on our Spotify top songs of 2019 playlists

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Episode 100: 100 times like me

It’s our 100th episode. Time to celebrate with some deluxe circus peanuts.

Topics in this episode:

  • What’s changed in five years
  • This Michigan/Ohio war of 1835
  • Rome’s trip to Ohucky
  • Instant coffee
  • Raccoons
  • Educational planetarium displays

Thank you for listening–enjoy the next 100 episodes.

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If You’re Like 99

In today’s episode, Rome Maynard and Joel Lindstrom seek deeper meaning in inspiring others, songs about African precipitation, and look for subliminal messages in Slim Whitman music.

Topics in today’s episode:

  • Inspirational pep talks
  • Bad career advice
  • You can be whatever you want*
  • Karaoke night
  • Africa by Toto
  • Pooch selfie
  • Celebrity death
  • Blade Runner
  • Bruce Lee
  • Harry O
  • David Janssen
  • Murderous blimps
  • Iconic theme songs
  • Llac Evol Naidni

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